Girl’s Room Refresh

As a boymom who is surrounded by legos and superheros, working on this little girl’s room was so FUN! I began this room refresh by asking specific questions to be sure the room mirrored this 5 year old girl. I wanted it to be a space where each corner revealed the story of who she is in this stage of life. If you’re also looking to personalize a space, I’ve found that gathering specifics on what they like is a great starting point. It helps create the vision for the room. This may sound very basic, but these details give clarity what to focus on while shopping and gathering decor.

Questions to ask kids before a room refresh:

  • Favorite colors, books, songs, movies/shows.
  • Favorite characters, animals, mythical creatures (unicorns etc.)
  • Favorite hobbies (music, sports, art etc.)
  • What does their dream room look like?

For this particular girl, some of her favorites included: unicorns, mermaids, the colors pink and purple. The Sleeping House book and “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten were other favorites. Basically all things girly… Yes!!

After the information was gathered, budget was given, it was time to go shopping and decorate! Below each photo, I included where I purchased the decor piece with a direct link.

(Note: NO affiliate links included. They are posted as a direct resource )



Wall Flowers/ Magnolia leaves: Hobby Lobby
Tassel Blanket:
Crown Accent Pillow:

Tip: Looking for easy and inexpensive idea for personalized wall art? Go to Staples and get an 18×24 personalized blueprint for $1.79! Come up with your design, and upload the file in your staples account. I took a quote from one of this girl’s favorite books. This poster frame is from Hobby Lobby.



Pink Moroccan Rug: Amazon (Unfortunately the link is no longer available)
Bedding: Target
Unicorn Mount: Target (Originally $19.99, bought it on sale for $13!)
Mermaid: Target(Given as a gift to little girl this room belongs to πŸ™‚


I created this 18×24 print by using some of her favorite lyrics. I love the these lyrics by Rachel Platten. I made the graphic through the Canva app, and had it printed as a “B&W Blueprint” at Staples.

Wall Art: Staples Blueprint and Hobby Lobby wooden frame
Felt Garland: Hobby Lobby
Unicorn Wall Art:
Hobby Lobby

The sheer curtains give some privacy, but also makes her bed look like a castle…win win πŸ™‚

Tip: Go to Dollar Tree to get storage bins. They usually have a large selection.

Pink bins: Dollar Tree

This was a special project to work on for a special family. Thanks for following along!

Until next time,


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