5 Affordable Ways to Decorate for Fall

Autumn decorating is all about reflecting the cozy season with warm elements in our home. The scents, textures, changing leaves, pumpkins, and crisp air makes fall one of the most comfortable seasons of all. It feels like coming home when Autumn begins. Okay, I may be a little biased because it’s my favorite season 😉

I’ve put together 5 of my favorite ways to decorate for fall on a budget. Just as we layer our clothing for fall fashion, we do the same with fall decorating. Which actually leads to tip #1…

#1: Use Clothing:

No need to shop the stores when you can shop your closets! Scarves and hats not only bring warmth on a chilly fall night, but they add warmth to your home. Try using a scarf as a table runner, and/or a blanket as a table cloth. Hats, bags, scarves, boots also make subtle, but cozy entryway decor.

Scroll down to see styling ideas with clothing…

#2: Gather Leaves from Outside

Every year our family drives up north to see the changing autumn leaves. It has become one of our favorite traditions! Last year the boys picked their favorite leaves, and I pressed/ stored them in a book. Autumn leaves make great vase fillers, framed art etc.  We made a simple wall hanging with dried leaves and a large stick we found outside. This is a great interactive craft to do with the family! Scroll to see styling ideas using leaves and other outdoor elements…

When outside is already so beautiful, why not bring the beauty inside?

#3: Shop Goodwill

This may sound like an obvious tip, but in the hustle and bustle of the season, Goodwill/ thrift stores are easily overlooked for holiday decor. Don’t forget to browse your local thrift stores to see what the seasonal section has to offer.  I found this fall wreath at Goodwill last year for only $5! The large plaid pillow was at Goodwill for $2. 

As you make your way down to tip #5, you’ll find more Goodwill inspiration for fall decorating!

#4: Use Fabric to make “Layered Mats”

Do you like the look of layered rugs, but don’t like the idea of buying 2 separate mats for each season? Layering rugs is really trendy right now, especially with entrance welcome mats. Instead of buying two seasonal mats that’ll only be used a couple months of the year, use a patterned piece of fabric to place under the top mat. Secure the fabric with a staple gun to keep it in place. It’s easy to throw in the wash mid season or at anytime. Optional: Use outdoor furniture spray on the mat/ fabric to help it last longer.

#5: Go Non-Traditional for Table Decor

Look around the kitchen and other rooms to create an affordable tablescape. Below you’ll see how I used non traditional items such as: embroidery hoops to mimic the look of chargers, books for individual place settings, and a wreath from our living room. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that I love using wooden cutting boards as the base of a centerpiece. Mini boards would make great individual settings.

In the first two photos below, the whole tablescape (minus the pumpkins) is from Goodwill.

Tip: Look for chargers, candle sticks, books, drinking glasses etc. at thrift stores

Embroidery hoop with magnolia leaves

The wreath in the center is from another room in the house. Be sure to keep track of what you already own, and pull from other rooms in the house. In the decor community, this is called “shopping your house” 🙂

I hope this gave some affordable ideas and inspiration as we step into a new and fresh season. Happy decorating!


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